Adjust the tilt angle and length of the arm holder to achieve precisely the lighting you need for work. The "up-down", "right-left" adjustment, and changing the arm length in the range of 70-130 cm allow you to precisely adjust the direction and distance of the light source during tattooing.

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Adjustable wall mount for lamps

A steel wall mount for lamps and light rings with a 1/4 or 3/8 inch thread or clamped on a 19mm rod. It allows you to precisely plan the lighting of your studio and securely position it above the workstation. A wall mount for the lamp is not only a practical solution but also the key to achieving amazing lighting in your tattoo studio.

Easy wall mounting

Mount it in the appropriate place on the wall and enjoy the ability to adjust the lighting to provide even, dispersed light to your workspace without the need to constantly move the lamp.

Wall mount for lamp - additional space in the studio

By attaching the lamp to the wall, you won't have to navigate around it while working, eliminating the risk of tripping over the cable or accidentally knocking it over. More importantly, the light source will be directly above your workstation, perfectly illuminating the workspace.

The set does not include a lamp or wall mounting screws.

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