Glovcon Cartridges

Glovcon Cartridges are cartridges that have been created to achieve stunning permanent make-up effects. 

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With an innovative approach to the needs of discerning clients and years of experience in the tattoo and PMU industry, we have created a product that allows you to achieve spectacular results while ensuring maximum safety and hygiene. Meet the exceptionally sharp and precise Glovcon Cartridge.  

What types of permanent make-up cartridges can you find in the Glovcon Cartridges range? 

In the Glovcon Cartridges range you will find needles of different sizes and types, such as: 

Roud Liner (RL) - designed for creating contours and lines. Very precise, with rigidly focused blades. Ideal for detailed parts and details. 

Round Shader (RS) - characterised by a looser needle arrangement, allowing more pigment to be introduced into the skin. They are ideal for thick contours and larger fillings.  

Magnum (MG) - have two rows of needles. Created mainly for creating large fills or wide and strong contours. They are ideal for shading and large fills. 

Flat (FL) - similar to Magnum. Characterised by a single row of needles. They leave a more transparent trace. Working with them you will get all kinds of gradients and 3D effects. 

Slope (CF) - characterised by needles of different lengths, which are arranged descending in a single row. With them you can create a compact shadow effect and points of varying intensity. Ideal for creating shadows and fuzzy points. 

What do you gain by using Glovcon Cartridges? 

With Glovcon Cartridges, performing a permanent make-up treatment will be even more efficient. Glovcon Cartridges have been designed with precision and quality in mind. Thanks to the use of high quality needles and materials, working with Glovcon cartridges guarantees an even and smooth introduction of pigment. Each cartridge is designed to ensure maximum hygiene. You can rest assured that you are using a sterile and safe tool. 

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