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Are you looking for permanent makeup pigments that will provide expressive longevity and unique glamour? Perma Blend are high quality lip pigments that will enhance your clients' beauty and provide long-lasting results. Created in the USA by leading industry experts using the latest technology and the finest ingredients. All to ensure you are comfortable, look great after healing and maximise your clients' satisfaction. 

Perma Blend lip pigments - Create unforgettable lips 

Provide lips with long-lasting make-up with stunning intensity. 

Intensity of colours to enliven your lips 

Immerse yourself in the richness of Perma Blend colours and discover new possibilities for creation. The American brand's pigments have been created with special care to provide you with the highest quality colours to enliven and enhance the beauty of the lips you are treating. Whether your client is dreaming of a subtle effect or a bold look, the wide range of Perma Blend colours available in our range will enable you to create unforgettable effects that guarantee client satisfaction. See how Perma Blend pigments can transform any lip and help you create true masterpieces. 

The widest selection of colours for beautiful lips 

In the Perma Blend range, you will find a wide selection of pigments that will perfectly match your skin tone, lip red and complexion for the desired effect. The available pigment colours will give you both a subtle, natural look and more striking, intense creations, from deep and sensual burgundy reds to subtle and pastel pink shades. Each Perma Blend colour is suitable for mixing with another. All of them guarantee you a beautiful and long-lasting make-up that is UV-resistant. 

Exceptional precision and ease of application 

When it comes to permanent lip make-up, precision is key. Perma Blend pigments ensure not only colour intensity but also ease of application. With the right consistency of pigments, you can easily contour and fill in your lips. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in the PMU industry, Perma Blend pigments will make the pigmentation process enjoyable and effective.  

Safe composition 

Perma Blend LUXE pigments comply with the REACH regulation and are strictly controlled to ensure maximum safety. In addition, they are vegan and not tested on animals. Discover our full range, order now and join the ranks of professional Pmu artists who trust the Perma Blend brand! 

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