Mixing Solution

The right ink consistency is the key to beating ink correctly

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Wondering what to dilute your tattoo ink with?

Discover the power of Mixing Solution tattoo ink thinners. This is a unique solution that will allow you to dilute perfectly with conditioning properties. They are perfect for all kinds of colors, as well as blacks. They will provide you with unparalleled precision and fluidity, making every drop of ink perfectly mixed. Thinning tattoo ink has never been so easy!   

Perfect tattoo ink dilution with conditioning properties  

This innovative product provides perfect ink dilution for easy application to the skin and precise creation of unique designs. You no longer have to worry about uneven colors or uneven lines. Every detail of your tattoo will be perfectly defined and permanent. Most importantly, the products are formulated to minimize skin irritation. They moisturize restore the natural pH and regenerate. So you can be sure that your tattoos will heal perfectly.   

The best thinners = exceptional comfort when working with inks  

Don't waste any more time searching for the perfect thinner for tattoo inks. You will find all the most important features in Mixing Solution products. Thanks to which you will offer your customers the highest quality of care, and yourself exceptional working comfort. Don't wait and reach for Mixing Solution.