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Express your tattoo passion with unique clothing. Take care of the right clothes during your work, which will ensure your safety and hygiene, and the right style in the city!

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Unique tattoo shirts signed by the best tattoo artists

For all those who want to express their passion and style not only on the skin, but also through clothing, we present unique t-shirts signed by the most talented tattoo artists in the world. These limited edition t-shirts are not only a fashionable expression of art, but also a tribute to tattoo masters. Each t-shirt has its own unique designs and graphics that emphasize the originality and individuality of tattoo artists and their works.

Waist packs and backpacks - practical solutions for tattoo artists on the move

For tattoo artists who are constantly on the move or travel frequently, we offer fanny packs and backpacks designed specifically for their needs. Equipped with numerous compartments and pockets that enable efficient organization of all necessary items. Now you can take them to a convention or on a trip. Kidneys and backpacks are resistant to damage, made of durable materials, which makes them a reliable companion for a tattoo artist in everyday use.

Tattoo aprons - protection of clothing and work hygiene of a tattoo artist

During the tattooing process, there is a risk of accidentally staining your clothing with paint or other substances. That's why tattoo aprons are the perfect solution to protect your clothing from stains and dirt. Made of waterproof materials, easily washable and resistant to dirt, our aprons guarantee cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace. Thanks to them, the tattooist can concentrate on his art, knowing that the clothing stays clean and protected.

All these products have been carefully selected to meet the expectations and needs of tattoo artists, providing them with not only stylish but also practical clothing and accessories that facilitate their daily work and allow them to enjoy their passion even more.

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