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The legendary Kwadron cartridges are synonymous of the quality. The finest and most complete tattoo cartridges system available in this part of the galaxy. Discover the richness of our offer and choose Kwadron Cartridge System!

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Kwadron Cartridge - modernity and innovation in tattoo industry

Since the arrival of the Kwadron Cartridgy, there has been a real revolution in the world of tattooing. Using the latest technological advances and advanced processes, we have created cartridges that provide unparalleled precision and convenience. Thanks to their special needle attachment system, they are easy to use and allow quick and easy replacement. All cartridges have carefully designed beaks to ensure the maximum level of precision and control with every stroke.

This is a comfort for both artist and client. Kwadron cartridges meet all, the most stringent safety and hygiene requirements. All cartridges are sterile and disposable, eliminating the risk of infection and guaranteeing absolute hygiene at work.

Top quality as our mission in professional tattoing

At Kwadron, we know how important it is for the tattoo artist to be able to rely on the quality of their tools on a daily basis and at every session. That's why each of our products undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. We work with experienced tattoo professionals who help us to continuously improve our products and innovate. Our needles and cartridges are the choice of many renowned artists around the world who value excellence in every detail.

Choose Kwadron - your tools for perfect tattooing

If you are a tattoo artist who strives for excellence and the highest quality, then Kwadron needles and cartridges are for you. We offer a wide range of products to meet your highest expectations. Whether you prefer traditional needles or modern cartridges, you will find tools in our range that will allow you to express your creativity and create amazing works of art on your skin. One of the key elements is the right tattoo cartridges to give you the results you want and a lasting effect. That's why it's so important to invest in the best tools that guarantee the highest quality. The undisputed leader in tattoo needles is Kwadron, which has gained great recognition and popularity among professionals, as evidenced by the level of artists in our Kwadron Wolfpack. The Kwadron Cartridge System is a must-have for any tattoo artist who is committed to professionalism and the highest quality of their work. Find out why you should invest in Kwadron Cartridges and the benefits of using them. Once you start working with the Kwadron Cartridge System, you'll never change it again!

Tattoo cartridges - products for professionals

They have been designed with professionals in mind. They are products that stand out in the market with their quality and innovative solutions. Thanks to professional knowledge, experience and analysis of tattooists' needs, we have created tattoo cartridges which meet the expectations of demanding clients. This is a top quality product that stands out for its incredible precision, rigid and focused blades. They are equipped with a unique needle stabilization system that ensures durability and optimal performance. They are manufactured from the highest quality surgical steel, which guarantees durability and high performance. The housings are made of medical-grade plastic. Thanks to the tried and tested materials, you can rest assured that they will remain sharp and precise throughout your tattooing session.

Every type of tattoo cartridges you need!

In the Kwadron shop you will find tattoo cartridges that will work well for a variety of tattooing techniques. Whether you want to create an outline, fill in or do intricate and detailed tattoos. In our offer you will find Round Liners, Turbo Round Liners, Round Shaders, Flates, Magnums, Soft Edge Magnums and the newest addition to our offer: Combat Magnums, which are great for fillers, gradients and shading. Try it out and remember - the Kwadron Cartridge System is all you need to get the results you want. Check it out and join the professionals.

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Hand Poke Tool

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