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UNISTAR ICE WATER - FOG - Spray 500 ml

Ice Water in a version with a sprayer, which allows you to thoroughly wash your skin while tattooing. With it you can wash off excess sebum, ink residue on the skin, Vaseline or butter. Thanks to the convenient applicator, you can very easily spray the target area on the skin for cleaning. Practical packaging - easy to use and store. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. 

  • Manufacturer: Unistar
  • Product code: AK205A-FOG5
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8.75 €
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Anti-inflammatory and anti-edema power - The power of ingredients straight from nature

Thanks to the ingredients in thyme leaf oil and willow willow hydrolate, Unistar Ice Water Sprawy has unique properties that effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. During tattooing, using Unistar Icewater to wash the skin soothes irritation, redness and reduces skin inflammation. The ingredients contained in our product accelerate the process of wound healing and skin regeneration. Thanks to the use of natural ingredients, the product is safe for the skin and does not cause irritation. 

Use Unistar Ice Water and discover the perfect way to relieve pain

Menthol, a substance contained in the formulation of Unistar Ice Water, has cooling and refreshing properties, plus an anti-inflammatory effect. To get the best cooling effect for the client, use a cellulose paper towel moistened with Unistar Ice Water. The compress prepared in this way should be applied to the tattoo during breaks during or immediately after the session. The client is sure to appreciate this action is a real relief after a long tattooing session.

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