Essential needles  and cartridges accessories to make every session run smoothly. The tattooing process requires professional accessories also after the session. Here you will find a convenient and safe solution for the disposal of cartridges and tattoo needles after the session.  

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Convenient and safe disposal of cartridges and tattoo needles after a session  

Committed to hygiene and safety, we offer high quality containers for the disposal of cartridges and needles after a tattoo session. Our containers are specially designed to enable you to dispose of used instruments conveniently and safely.  

Safety and protection against infection in tattooing  

Cartridges and needle disposal containers are indispensable when it comes to ensuring the safe and proper disposal of used instruments after a tattoo session. With them, you minimise the risk of infection and protect both yourself and the environment. Our containers are lockable to prevent accidental access to used needles and cartridges. 

Easy and convenient to use  

Our disposal containers are designed for ease and convenience of use. They have sufficient capacity to hold many used cartridges and needles, yet are compact and easy to carry. They are equipped with special closures that keep the contents securely locked and prevent unauthorised access.  

Keeping cartridges and needles clean:  

We present you with a new, ideal solution for cleaning your needles, which significantly simplifies your work and increases the quality of your tattoos. Our sponge has been created from a special foam that has extraordinary properties for absorbing the ink accumulated on the needles.  

Excellent absorption of tattoo ink and effective cleaning of tattoo needles during tattooing.  

Our sponge is an indispensable tool for every tattoo artist who cares about the perfect execution of their work. Its unique texture and material ensure perfect ink retraction, allowing you to clean your needles quickly and effectively. This way you can be sure that you always have clean and precise tools when working. 

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Bottom Yolk

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