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Wondering how to properly heal a tattoo? Take care of it with Inktrox

If you want your tattoo to delight with its appearance for many years, proper care is key. In Kwadron's offer you will find a range of tattoo care cosmetics that will take care of your tattoo at every stage - before, during and after tattooing. Check out the full offer and choose the best product for yourself.

Cosmetic vaseline - essential in the tattooing process

It's hard to imagine tattooing without Vaseline. The advantage of petroleum jelly is that it is suitable for all skin types, does not sensitize and does not irritate. It also has protective actions. It lubricates the skin, giving it proper slip, protecting it from all irritations that could arise during the tattooing procedure. What's more, vaseline during tattooing prevents the ink from rubbing, improving transparency during work. We offer classic unscented petroleum jelly and our bestsellers such as Inktrox Bubblegum with a captivating scent of bubble gum.

Tattoo butters - A must-have product in every Tattoo studio

Invaluable when tattooing and preparing the skin for the tattooing process. Also great for accelerating the healing process. The offer includes many proposals that differ in package size, consistency and ingredients. We have classic versions of butters from Inktrox Classic to butters like Solver, whose composition has been enriched with hops and hemp oil.

We want to take care of your tattoo and your skin. That is why in our offer you will find a variety of tattoo care products that will help you heal properly and keep your tattoo beautiful for many years.

Take care of every step, a comprehensive line of tattoo cosmetics

Our tattoo care creams are designed to be used at various stages of the tattooing process. You will find creams that can be used before tattooing to prepare the skin and ensure proper hydration. During the procedure, cosmetic petroleum jelly is irreplaceable, because it protects the skin and provides perfect slip for the needle, while preventing the mascara from rubbing.

After tattooing, it is important to regularly moisturize and protect the skin, and our tattoo butters are perfect for this. They come in different variants, some of which contain special ingredients such as hops and hemp oil. All of them have a soothing effect and accelerate the healing process.

A professional range of creams and cosmetics for skin and tattoo care

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full range of tattoo care cosmetics. You will find products with different consistencies and compositions, so you can choose the one that best meets your expectations. Take care of your tattoo and enjoy its beauty for many years!

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