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The right equipment for your beauty salon or permanent make-up studio is the first and essential step towards providing professional services. Create the perfect environment for you and your clients. Choose equipment that will ensure everyone's total comfort. In our offer you will find high-quality equipment from renowned brands. We focus on carefully crafted practical furniture and salon equipment that will guarantee you comfortable and long-lasting use. 

Permanent make-up salon equipment - perfect lighting  

LED lamps are an extremely important piece of equipment for permanent make-up studios. They are essential tools for any work that requires good lighting and precision. LED lamps provide even, natural light that minimises shadows and glare, providing Pmu artists with perfect working conditions. In addition, the adjustable brightness level of the LED lamps allows the illumination to be adapted to individual preferences and user needs. Lamps with magnifying glass will allow skin and fine details to be viewed under magnification, all while maintaining excellent illumination.  

Permanent make-up salon equipment - chairs, stools, cosmetic tables  

Professional hydraulic chairs are not only comfortable for clients, but they also dramatically improve the work of Pmu artists. Their adjustable height and reclining functions allow you to adapt your working position to your preferences, which translates into greater precision and comfort when performing permanent make-up. It is important that the chairs are comfortable for the clients, providing them with an optimal position throughout the session. Cosmetic tables are a practical solution for storing tools, cosmetics and other essential items. They allow easy access to everything needed during work. Another indispensable organisational element of a permanent make-up studio are cosmetic cabinets and shelves. They allow you to store and organise pigments, cosmetics, tools, towels and other essential items. Not to forget comfortable and stable swivel stools with adjustable height and contoured seat, which will provide adequate support during long hours of work. 

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Eco Trays 10pcs.

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