Expand your service offering with our innovative Glovcon lasers

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Expand your service offering with our innovative Glovcon lasers 

Glovcon lasers are professional tools for tattoo and permanent make-up removal. With them, you will gain the opportunity to expand your services and be able to provide your clients with safe solutions for any artistic stumbling blocks. 

Help clients realise their dreams of beautiful skin 

Glovcon lasers have been carefully designed to ensure reliability, precision and safety. Equipped with advanced technology, they guarantee great results that will attract new clients and make your studio stand out in the market. 

Benefit from professional training and be guaranteed safe and effective laser removal services 

When you purchase Glovcon lasers, we offer free training to help you realise the full potential of these devices. Our team of experts will provide you with the necessary technical knowledge and help you learn the practical skills to provide your clients with safe and effective laser tattoo and permanent makeup removal services. With our training, you will have the confidence to use the full potential of our lasers and deliver the highest quality service to your clients. 

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Eco Tray 10 pcs

Eco Trays 10pcs.

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