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Masterful precision with Sunskin Stilo tattoo machines! Discover exceptional tattoo equipment from the Italian tattoo machine manufacturer with 25 years of experience.   

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A wide range of the tattoo machines and work satisfaction guarantee  

The Italian company Sunskin is accustomed to creating high-quality tattoo machines. Recently, it has led the way in the production of permanent makeup machines. We are, of course, talking about Sunskin Stilo.  

Sunskin Stilo Pen is a tattoo machine that provides exceptional precision. Thanks to its advanced technology, it allows you to make the finest details and guarantees extreme accuracy. Titanium was used to build the machine's core, while a German motor is the reliable heart of the Sunskin Stilo machine. Whether you're an experienced artist or just starting out in tattooing, the Sunskin Stilo Pen will allow you to express your creativity with unparalleled precision. 

Ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design  

The Stilo Pen Sunskin was designed with the tattoo artist's comfort and convenience in mind. Its lightweight, ergonomic design ensures comfort even during long tattoo creation sessions. With excellent balance and a secure grip, you can operate the machine freely and focus on creating the highest quality tattoos. Whatever your style, the Sunskin Stilo Pen is the perfect tool for expressing your artistic vision.  

Multifunctionality and reliability of tattoo machines and permanent makeup.  

Sunskin Stilo Pen is not only a tattoo tool, but also a versatile equipment for professionals. With the ability to adjust the depth of the needle entry, you can customize the Sunskin Stilo Pen to your individual preferences and requirements. In addition, the reliable motors and high-quality materials used in production guarantee the device's long-lasting performance and reliability. The Sunskin Stilo Pen is a tool you can rely on. It will provide you with excellent results and satisfaction for both you and your customers.