Eternal Ink

Eternal Ink is a brand that has earned the trust of tattoo artists from around the world by producing high-end tattoo inks. They were developed in the USA by Terry Welker, who has been involved in tattooing for more than 30 years. Eternal Ink's position has been established by rigorous standards for product quality and ingredients. All of them are carefully selected and create products that are safe for health.   

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Eternal Ink reviews   

In the case of Eternal Ink, feedback and reviews strongly confirm the high quality of tattoo inks. One of their most important features is color repeatability. This is achieved by using an identical, specially selected blend of pigments. The whole is complemented by excellent properties - a uniform and viscous consistency, which works perfectly with tattoo machines. The inks work well at every stage of work - contouring, shading or filling. Thanks to them, you will be able to create tattoos that stand out for their richness of detail and detail. After tattooing, you will be delighted with intense and durable colors that do not fade or lose their intensity. 

Tattoo inks with REACH standard   

Every product from this brand is a guarantee of the highest quality and safety. Eternal Ink does not use any harmful chemicals that may affect the health of your clients or the quality of your tattoo. All Eternal Ink inks that you will find in our store are compliant with the European Union REACH standard. They are free of harmful chemicals and tested for allergens.