Stools - Must have in a tattoo salon - Comfort and ergonomics for tattoo artists

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TWIST stool

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A must have in a tattoo salon - Convenience and ergonomics for tattoo artists

Stools are an inseparable element of equipment in tattoo studios. They offer both convenience for artists and functionality when performing a tattoo. Choosing the right stools is important for ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic working position, which translates into better quality and efficiency of tattoos.

Less pain, which is a good stool for a tattoo artist's work

Stools are extremely important for tattoo artists because they affect the comfort and ergonomics when performing a tattoo. Working in one position for a long time can lead to muscle fatigue and pain. A properly profiled stool with adjustable seat height and backrest allows artists to adjust their working position to their individual preferences. Additionally, stools with footrests or supports for the legs or chest help reduce stress on the spine and provide more comfort during prolonged tattoo sessions.

Tattoo stool - functionality and mobility

Tattoo studio stools should also be functional, easy to maneuver and durable. The mobility of the stools allows artists to easily move around the studio and access different parts of the client's body. Many stools have wheels for easy movement, which is especially useful when doing larger tattoos where access to different areas of the skin is necessary.

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Hand Poke Tool

Hand Poke Tool

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