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Discover beauty and perfection together with Pretty Me Up!

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Welcome to the world of Pretty Me Up. (PMU.)! 

Learn about the professional care products dedicated to PMU artists and their demanding clients. PMU cosmetics. known for their excellent quality and effectiveness, are widely recommended by leading industry experts. The Pretty Me Up. line was created to provide professional care for your client's skin at every stage of the pigmentation process, both in your salon and in your daily skincare rituals leading to optimum preparation of the skin for the treatment, as well as proper healing. 

Take care of your client's skin at every stage 

Pretty Me Up., are all-round cosmetics that will provide your clients with comprehensive skin care both before, during and after their permanent make-up treatment. The use of PMU products. products adequately prepare the skin before pigmentation, ensuring that the beneficial effects of the ingredients contained in them are also prolonged during pigment application. Selected cosmetics from the PMU. are also recommended for use during the pigmentation process as a product to support your work. Regular application of PMU. care products after the treatment, both in and outside your salon, stimulates the correct healing process, helping to maintain the beautiful and long-lasting results of your work. 

Professionalism at the highest level: Avoid unnecessary aftercare mistakes 

Products from the Pretty Me Up. are an integral part of professional pre-treatment care. Their application a few days before the planned pigmentation guarantees optimal skin preparation, minimising the risk of postponing the treatment. In addition, the products in the PMU. line enable personalised care, which helps to avoid mistakes that can adversely affect the healing process and post-healing results. 

Ensure excellent results for your work  

Taking care of the safety of the client's skin is our priority. That is why our Pretty Me Up cosmetics. are formulated using the highest quality ingredients. In their composition, you will find, among others, coconut oil, mango butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil and vitamin E, as well as witch hazel. The individual products in the PMU line. have been formulated to work together to create a perfectly harmonised composition that prevents chapping, cracking of the epidermis and strengthens the skin, minimising the risk of swelling and congestion. PMU products. support the correct regeneration of irritated skin and the permanent maintenance of pigment. 

Discover beauty and perfection together with Pretty Me Up! 

Join the elite group of professionals for whom the Pretty Me Up. brand is synonymous with excellence in skincare for pigmentation-enhancing processes. Let the products of PMU. take care of your clients' skin in a professional manner, ensuring even more perfect results for your creative creations. 

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