Professional Kwadron Magnum tattoo cartridges. Cartridges for shading and filling.

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Magnum Cartridge Applications 

If you're creating large colorful designs, now might be a great time to reach for Magnum cartridges! They are perfect for creating larger and more complex tattoos. They can vary in size and number of needles, providing greater flexibility during tattooing. 

Benefits of using Magnum cartridges 

You'll achieve a smooth transition between colors. With Magnum cartridges, you can add new dimensions and depths to your tattoos. Create more impressive and spectacular designs that will catch everyone's attention. See how easy it is to take your skills to the next level and create even better works of art on the skin. So don't waste time and try Kwadron Magnum cartridges now! 

The choice is yours 

Kwadron cartridges have the sharpest needles on the market, maintaining their sharpness during the longest sessions. This ensures better healing tattoos. In our offer, you'll find Kwadron Magnums in configurations up to 35/25 for really solid packing and shading. This way, you'll save time, and the final effect will be stunning. All Kwadron cartridges feature the most advanced rubber membrane, protecting the machine interior from ink splatter. 

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