Intense colour palette that lasts for years 

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Permanent eyebrow make-up is another hugely popular procedure to achieve the ideal shape and fuller appearance of the eyebrows. It perfectly enhances natural beauty. In order to achieve a long-lasting and natural effect, not only the right skills but high quality equipment and professional eyebrow pigment are required. Learn more about permanent eyebrow make-up pigments from Perma Blend.  

Intense colour palette that lasts for years 

Choosing the right pigments for the eyebrows during permanent make-up is an important step that helps to achieve a natural look, in harmony with the client's skin and hair colour. Colour stability is important because permanent make-up is a permanent treatment that should remain consistent for a long time. We offer a wide range of colours to suit every type of beauty. Perma Blend pigments are carefully formulated to provide the highest quality pigments that do not fade maintaining their depth and intensity for years. 

Perma Blend - the pigments of choice for professionals 

The Perma Blend LUXE product line complies with all requirements and regulations, including REACH. Working comfortably with the pigment is equally important, which is why Perma Blend pigments have an optimum consistency that facilitates their even and precise application to the eyebrow skin. There's a reason why Perma Blend is the most common choice of PMU professionals. Join them and start achieving amazing results.

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