Kwadron Optima Cartridges

Kwadron Optima Cartridges are innovative permanent make-up cartridges designed for all PMU artists. 

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Optima cartridges provide exceptional quality and precision work thanks to our years of experience in manufacturing specialised needles. Enter the world of great pigmentation with Kwadron PMU! 

What types of permanent make-up cartridges can you find in the Kwadron Optima Cartridges range? 

In the Kwadron PMU Optima Cartridges range, you can find needles of different types, sizes and degrees of sharpening, so you can select cartridges to suit your working technique and your client's skin. 

Roud Liner (RL) - designed for creating contours and lines. Very precise, with rigidly focused blades. Ideal for detailed parts and details. 

Round Shader (RS) - characterised by a looser needle arrangement than in RL, which gives the opportunity to inject more pigment into the skin. They are ideal for thicker contours and larger fillings.  

Magnum (MG) - cartridges with two rows of needles. Created mainly for large fillers or wide and strong contours. They are ideal for shading and filling large lips, for example. 

Flat (FL) - cartridges similar to Magnum, characterised by a single row of needles. They leave a more transparent trace. Working with them you can obtain all kinds of gradients and 3D effects. 

Slope (CF) - characterised by needles of different lengths, which are arranged descending in a single row. They give you a compact shadow effect. You can use them to create points of varying intensity. Perfect for shading and fuzzy points.  

Precision at the highest level: Kwadron Optima Cartridges 

Kwadron Optima Cartridges, are made of the highest quality materials that guarantee safety, reliability and incredible precision. Thanks to their clever design and use of a full membrane, they prevent pigment from backing up into the handle, and the medical-grade plastic casing is not abraded during movement. This ensures that no plastic particles get under the skin.  The beaks, which are matched to the type and size of the needles used in the cartridges, will allow you to work with even greater precision. The extremely sharp needles prevent excessive traumatisation of the skin and ensure better healing after treatment. All this makes Kwadron Optima Cartridges safe for the skin, minimises the risk of inflammation and guarantees even, precise work.