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Check out the rich selection of Soft Edge Magnum tattoo needles and SEM cartridges for shading and filling. Best quality from Kwadron Cartridge System.

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Kwadron Soft Edge Magnum 

Soft Edge Magnum cartridges, also known as curved magnums, are a special type of tattoo needles characterized by rounded tips, resulting in softer and more blurred lines and shadows. These needles are ideal for creating smooth color transitions and delicate gradients on the skin. With their design, Soft Edge Magnum cartridges allow for precise and controlled tattooing, making them the top choice among professional tattoo artists. All Kwadron cartridges feature the most advanced rubber membrane and super sharp needles that maintain their sharpness throughout the tattooing process. 

Due to their unique construction, Soft Edge Magnum cartridges are suitable for various tattooing techniques, such as shading, filling, or creating subtle details depending on the needle configuration used. Therefore, it's worth having them on hand during each session to create high-quality tattoos that will delight every client. 

The specifics of Soft Edge Magnum cartridges 

Due to their "curved" shape, they have earned the name Soft Edge. These curved magnums allow for smooth blending of tattooed colors without creating distinct color edges. This effect is perfect for creating a blurred background, a bokeh-like effect, as well as blending and mixing colors with a soft transition. With Kwadron Soft Edge Magnum cartridges, you'll make the edges of the image "blur" on the skin. 

Using Soft Edge Magnum cartridges 

The curvature of the needles in this cartridge creates a "mist," resulting in a more intense color in the center and a shadow cast outside. Perfect for creating tonal, gentle transitions, fading effects, and the like. They work great for filling with black or color ink, softer shading (less traumatic for the skin), as in portraits, realism, or blurred backgrounds. 

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