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Explore the wide range of colors available in our offer. 

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    Nuva Colors
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    Perma Blend Luxe

Superb pigments for permanent make-up 

The popularity of permanent make-up procedure is growing year on year. With this, it is natural that interest in pigments will increase. Apart from the right working technique, knowledge of colours and the equipment used during the procedure, the permanent make-up pigments have the biggest impact on the final result of the treatment. Check out Kwadron's range and see why you should choose our products. 

Safe pigments for permanent make-up 

It is important that pigments for permanent make-up are safe and contain ingredients of the highest quality. Our pigments are made from ingredients that are fully compliant with EU REACH requirements. Our pigments allow for both natural-looking effects and bolder looks. Importantly, permanent make-up will look fresh and natural for a long time.  

Permanent pigments for eyebrows and lips 

During the permanent make-up procedure, the continuity of the skin is compromised. It is therefore important to pay particular attention to the quality of the product used. Choose pigments with the appropriate European standards, whose quality has been confirmed by independent tests. Our permanent make-up pigments comply with EU REACH requirements to ensure that they are safe for you and your clients to use.  

Dedicated sets and a wide range of individual pigments  

Make sure you get the right pigments for each pigmentation area for a stunning post-healing look. You will find pigments in a variety of colours - cool, warm and neutral. Thanks to this variety, you will find the perfect pigment for every beauty type. Our permanent make-up pigments allow you to achieve any effect: from intense to natural and more subdued. Discover the wide range of colours available in our offer. The range includes colours for eyebrow, lip and eyelid pigmentation, as well as colours dedicated to medical pigmentation: correction of skin imperfections, pigments for the scalp and for nipple pigmentation. 

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TERRY sheet

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