KWADRON Cartridge System - what makes it so special

KWADRON Cartridge System is a cartridge with the highest level of precision, quality of materials used and technological advancement. 

First, quality. Each cartridge is a guarantee of reliability. Professionals around the world trust our cartridges, appreciating their sharpness and precision when creating amazing tattoos. Innovation is the second key element. KWADRON is always ahead, providing solutions that revolutionize the industry and allow artists to develop. 

KWADRON offers a wide range of needle configurations, enabling artists to realize their visions without limits. Whatever your style or technique, you're sure to find the right cartridge for your work style. Closeness with the artists is the foundation for us. KWADRON has always actively cooperated with professionals to constantly improve its products and develop new types of needles and cartridges. The reviews and suggestions of the creators are taken into account in the development processes, which makes our Kwadron Cartridge System fully refined, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding users. 

The highly advanced and automated technological process used in the production of KWADRON cartridges guarantees that each of them is equally perfect. Our cartridges have a unique needle stabilization system that ensures durability and optimal performance. The cartridge housing is made of medical plastic, which allowed to reduce the friction between the needle and the housing to a minimum, while the needles themselves retained their sharpness.


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