KWADRON Cartridge System - 0.35mm RSMT - Round Shader - Medium Taper - 1pc

Kwadron's top quality 0.35 mm (#12) RS Round Shader Medium Taper cartridge. Medium Tapered needles are used to create bolder, wider, more old-school strokes allowing more needle to skin contact to drive more ink under the skin. Round Shader Cartridges are used to fill in colour and shade the tattoo after the contour has been made. The needles are arranged around the circumference of the circle, parallel to each other. This is the main difference between the Round Shader and the Round Liners, where the needles are also arranged along the circumference of the circle, but clustered into a point. With adequate spaces between the needles, they provide the perfect ink flow necessary for shading, creating tonal transitions. 

One box contains 20 cartridges, price on a page for a single cartridge.

  • Manufacturer: Kwadron
  • Product code: CKD604-10
  • Status: Available
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1.85 €
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Kwadron Round Shader MT cartridge needle sizes

The size of the needles in the cartridge affects the shading and the final result. Larger needle diameters like 0.35mm (#12) will result in thicker pixels and stronger shading with a more pronounced texture. Kwadron Round Shader MT 0.35 mm (#12) comes in variants from 3 up to 18 needles per cartridge, so that you can match the right cartridge to the tattoo you are applying and the desired final effect or size of the area to be filled or the size of the shading you are applying. 

Kwadron Cartridge System

One of the fundamental factors that led to the creation of Kwadron cartridges was the desire to provide a product with the highest utility and, above all, the highest quality unattainable by other brands. Using expertise and experience, following trends and listening to tattoo artists, we have created cartridges perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers.

What Kwadron Cartridges are made of?

The highly advanced and automated technological process used in the production of Kwadron cartridges ensures that each cartridge is equally perfect. Our cartridges have a unique needle stabilisation system that ensures their durability and optimum performance. The cartridges' housing is made of medical-grade plastic, which has reduced friction between the needle and the housing to a minimum, while the needles themselves retain their sharpness. All these features make the Kwadron cartridges extremely precise, with stiff and focused blades. Ideal for any technique, any style. Achieve more with Kwadron cartridges! 

Round Shader
0.35 mm
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