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Choose Cheyenne machines, experience precision, safety and innovation in your work.Be inspired by the unique tattoo machines and create unforgettable masterpieces on your skin. 

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Since 2007, it has been synonymous with precision, safety and hygiene in the tattoo world. From the very beginning, Cheyenne has focused on creating professional tattoo equipment that meets the highest medical standards. It has quickly established itself as a market leader in innovative and high-quality tattoo equipment.Their tattoo machines have gained cult status and are appreciated by artists all over the world.  

"Our products for artists" - is the motto that guides their business.The aim is to create intuitive tattoo equipment that speeds up the work processes of tattoo artists and simplifies the individual steps.Professional tattoo equipment is highly versatile so that all styles of tattooing - be it contouring, shading, filling, colouring, dot work - can be executed with excellence.  

Why choose Cheyenne machines?  

Cheyenne machines are innovative tools for tattoo artists that stand out for their excellent quality and reliability. Why should you opt for Cheyenne? First of all, these machines are designed with precision and comfort in mind. Their ergonomic design makes them comfortable to hold and allows full control over the movement of the needle. 

Innovative technology and a guarantee of consistent quality, meet the Cheyenne machines  

Cheyenne is a brand that is constantly innovating in the tattoo industry. Their machines use advanced technology such as brushless motors that provide quiet operation and high power.This gives the tattooist more control over their movements and allows them to achieve more precise results.In addition, Cheyenne tattoo machines are often equipped with advanced adjustment and stabilisation systems that minimise vibration and ensure smooth operation.All of this makes working with Cheyenne not only efficient, but also comfortable. 

Cheyenne tattoo machines - for different styles and needs  

Cheyenne offers a wide range of tattoo machines to suit different styles and needs of artists.Whether you prefer linear tattoos, delicate shading or strong fills, Cheyenne has a machine to suit you.You can choose from a variety of models such as the Cheyenne Spirit, Thunder, Cheyenne Hawk Sol Nova, all of which have different features and capabilities. 

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