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If you're a traditionalist and looking for classic tattoo needles then these from under the Kwadron brand are what you're looking for. Ultra-sharp, precisely soldered and mega stiff they provide full control over the tattooing process.

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A wide range of Kwadron classic needles for different tattoo styles  

Kwadron needles will meet the expectations of any tattoo artist. Whatever your preferred style, from traditional to modern designs, Kwadron needles will provide you with precision and excellent results. Our needles are available in a variety of configurations, from traditional liners to shaders and magnums, so you can choose the perfect type of needle for your project. Discover the diversity of the Kwadron needle system and enhance your unique tattoo style.  

Kwadron needles - Technological superiority in the palm of your hand! Perfect soldering!  

Kwadron needles are the fruit of many years of experience in the field of tattooing. Our needles are designed for the highest possible precision and exceptional performance and sharpness throughout the tattooing process. By using the highest quality surgical steel and an advanced needle sharpening process, you can achieve unprecedented accuracy and line clarity in your tattoos. Every needle from Kwadron is synonymous with perfection and excellence in the world of tattooing. Push the boundaries of what was previously possible and discover a new dimension of precision with Kwadron needles. 

Why are Kwadron needles the number one choice of tattoo artists?  

Professional tattoo artists around the world choose Kwadron needles for their reliability, superior quality and unparalleled results. Our needles are hand tested to the highest standards to give you confidence that you are working with the highest quality products. Kwadron needles are carefully designed and crafted with attention to detail to provide you with a tool you can always rely on. Join the ranks of artists who have already discovered the benefits of Kwadron needles! 

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