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Equaliser tattoo machines - the best choice of professionals who expect high quality and reliability. We have the widest range of rotary machines for you and, in line with the latest trends, also cordless machines.

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Equaliser Ergo

Equaliser Ergo

Price 99.80 €
(incl. 18.66 € tax)

Quality is what stands behind Equaliser Rotary 

Equaliser tattoo machines are the undisputed leader in the tattoo market. Polish company, which was created out of passion and the need to create the best tattoo machines, conquered the market thanks to extraordinary technological advancement and well-thought-out designs of engineers. Each Equaliser machine is the result of the work of specialists who have focused on what is most important for tattoo artists - ergonomics, comfort of use and reliability of operation. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect tattoo machine, Equaliser is the best solution you can find in the tattoo market.  

Equaliser tattoo machines have been developed for tattooists who not only require the highest quality tools, but also want to be sure that their work will be trouble-free. It is the reliability and precision of Equaliser machines that makes tattooing easier and more rewarding. 

The most recommended tattoo machines  

There's a reason Equaliser tattoo machines are some of the best rotary machines available on the market. Each model, including the Equaliser Proton, Equaliser Astral, FOX, SPIKE and Neutron, has been developed to meet the different needs of tattooers. Not only do they offer different sizes and shapes, but also different stroke and motor power. So whether you are creating delicate and precise lines or more intricate tattoos, you will find the right model for you.  

Wireless tattoo machines, the choice for professionals.  

Tattooing is an art that is constantly developing and evolving. Modern tattoo machines are offering more and more options, and cordless models have hit the market and are becoming increasingly popular. Following the rapid development of wireless technology in the tattoo industry, the time has come to implement all the novelties and innovations into a new device from Equaliser. Introducing the state-of-the-art Equaliser Wireless Neutron tattoo device. This device features innovative wireless technology that allows tattoo artists to move freely while working without the need for cumbersome cables. This allows for greater precision and increased convenience during tattooing.