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Panthera Extreme Stencil Eraser 250ml

Extreme Stencil Eraser Forte is a powerful formula created by a team of tattoo industry experts, ensuring safe and gentle removal of all types of stencil designs from the skin.

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Safely Remove Stencils with Ease

Discover the ultimate solution for removing stencils with the new Extreme Stencil Eraser Forte. Crafted by a team of tattoo industry experts, this powerful formula guarantees a safe and gentle removal of all types of stencils from your skin. Say goodbye to stubborn outlines or unwanted designs without worrying about skin irritations.

A Hassle-Free Application Process

With the Extreme Stencil Eraser Forte, removing stencils has never been easier. The application process is straightforward and efficient. Simply apply a small amount of the product directly to the stencil you wish to remove. Thanks to its unique consistency and fast-acting formula, the Extreme Stencil Eraser Forte begins to gently dissolve the stencil without the need for repeated rubbing.

Made in Italy

Extreme Stencil Eraser Forte has been produced in Italy and dermatologically tested. It perfectly combines gentleness to the skin with the power to remove designs. It effectively eliminates unwanted stencils without causing discomfort or irritation. The formula is suitable for all skin types, making it a versatile choice for both professionals and tattoo enthusias

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