Pigments for permanent eyelid make-up - delicate highlight or stronger make-up effect 

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The dream of long-lasting and perfectly applied eyelid make-up for your clients can become a reality. All thanks to Perma Blend! Meet the pigments for permanent eyelid make-up. It's what will give you a perfect effect that remains unchanged for a long time. Check out the pigments that have stolen the hearts of professional Pmu artists.  

Pigments for permanent eyelid make-up - delicate highlight or stronger make-up effect 

Permanent eyeliner is the best way to highlight the eye frame. Achieving these effects is possible with Perma Blend pigments. Whether you want a natural eye highlight or stronger eye make-up, you can be sure that it will be beautiful once it has healed and the colour will remain consistent and intense for a long time. Perma Blend pigments are UV-resistant.  

Precision application for a perfect result 

Creating the perfect line with a simple eyeliner can be difficult. That's why having a PMU artist professionally create the line of your dreams is an increasingly common choice among clients. Perma Blend eyeliner pigments are dedicated to this procedure. Whether you are aiming for a classic line, cat eye or powder eyeliner, Perma Blend pigments will enable you to achieve the perfect result. Highest safety standards 

The skin on the eyelid is particularly delicate and vascularised, so experience, the right equipment and professional pigment are essential. Perma Blend pigments have an optimum consistency and are easy to spread, so you can count on the utmost comfort especially in this difficult pigmentation of the perfect line.  

Safe composition 

The highest quality standards, including the guidelines of the REACH regulation, are observed in the production of Perma Blend LUXE pigments. They are subject to strict controls to ensure maximum safety. In addition, Perma Blend pigments are vegan and are not tested on animals. Discover the full range, order now and join the ranks of professional Pmu artists who trust Perma Blend! 

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