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Do you want to work with your favourite Kwadron cartridges in your rotary machine? We have the solution for you! Cartridge tubes for different machines. Find the matching grip for your machine and start using cartridges!  

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Unique cartridgy tubes - excellent quality and precision  

If you use rotary machines and want to use Kwadron cartridges in your machine, we have the perfect solution for you. Cartridgy tubes that have been created for professional tattooists who are looking for excellent quality and precision along with the ability to maintain the highest level of hygiene. Carefully designed to provide the utmost in finger comfort and reliability during tattooing. Thanks to the use of high-grade materials, they guarantee a long service life and you a precise execution of each tattoo.    

Wide range of cartridge tube manufacturers  

In our range, you will find cartridge grips to fit a wide range of machines from well-known manufacturers. We have tubes for Equaliser, FK Irons, Cheyenne and many other machines. With Unistar products, you will fit cartridge tubes to your favourite rotary and coil machines. 

Proven solutions for demanding tattoo artists   

The cartridgy tubes you will find in the Kwadron range are the answer to the needs of the most demanding tattoo artists. Thanks to their ergonomic shape and perfect balance, they lie perfectly in the hand and provide comfort during long tattoo sessions. They are easy to use and allow you to quickly change cartridges. They are reliable tools that will allow you to express your artistic vision in a professional and precise way.   

Unistar cartridgy tubes - safety and hygiene with disposable tubes  

To ensure the safety of our customers, we also offer cartridgy tubes that are disposable. These are from the renowned manufacturer Unistar. Over the years, they have won the appreciation and affection of many tattooists and are becoming one of the bestsellers in our range. Perfectly soft and springy, they allow you to work for long hours without tiring your fingers.    

With Unistar tubes you are assured of working with new and hygienic tools for every tattoo. Cartridgy tubes are carefully packaged and sterilised for maximum protection against infection. Disposable tubes also save you time as you don't need to disinfect them. They allow you to focus on creating beautiful and long-lasting tattoos, safe in the knowledge that you are looking after the health and safety of yourself and your clients. 

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