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It all started with them, discover the power and control with coil tattoo machines. If you want to check out what coil machines have to offer, we have a great offer for you at Kwadron.  

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Advantages of coil tattoo machines - Precision, durability and great results  

Coil tattoo machines are recognised as some of the most reliable tools in the tattoo industry, with many advantages that attract professionals and enthusiasts of this art. Firstly, coil machines offer outstanding accuracy, allowing tattooists to create precise lines, fine detail and complex designs. Thanks to their high-quality coil-based design, these machines provide stable and smooth operation, allowing artists to have full control over needle movement, stroke and beating power.  Another advantage of coil machines is their durability. Due to their robust construction and high quality materials, these machines are extremely resistant to damage and can last for many years without the need for frequent maintenance. This means that tattoo artists can rely on these machines for intensive work without worrying about their performance or reliability.  

In addition, coil tattoo machines offer excellent results. Their use enables the dye to be driven evenly and deeply into the skin, resulting in permanent and high-quality tattoos. 

Professional machines for tattoo artists Premium Line - coil tattoo machines    

Introducing the unique Premium Line collection of tattoo machines. This is a unique offer for demanding tattoo artists who expect only the highest quality and excellence. Created for precise contouring, perfect shading and filling depending on the model you choose. Each model in the Premium Line allows you to make individual adjustments and customise to your preferences.  

Perfect machines for You - coil tattoo machines  

Premium Line tattoo machines are distinguished not only by their solid workmanship but also by their elegant design, which ensures durability, reliability and smooth operation. Every detail has been carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort and precision during tattooing. The vast customisation and setting options of the coil machines allow them to be tailored to the individual preferences and style of the artist. 

The unique design of Premium Line tattoo machines  

Try Premium Line tattoo machines now and gain full control over your work! Our premium line collection of tattoo machines offers professionals the tools to help create masterpieces on the skin. Regardless of the intricate design or delicate details, Premium Line machines guarantee precision, reliability and perfect results 

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