SMP scalp pigments - the way to fight baldness with permanent makeup

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Scalp micropigmentation, also known as SMP, is a treatment that involves the introduction of a specially selected pigment into the skin, which is used to build up the effect of hair thickening in both men and women. Hair loss or patchy hair is a serious, ever-growing problem, which is why the NUVA COLORS line couldn't be complete without a set of scalp and beard pigments.  

SMP scalp pigments - the way to fight baldness  

NUVA COLORS SMP pigments are dedicated specifically to the micropigmentation treatment of the scalp. With them, you will achieve a satisfactory effect of thickened or short-cut hair and beard. In micropigmentation, every detail counts, which is why the NUVA SMP line is characterised by an optimum consistency that ensures pleasant and precise work. NUVA pigments are fully compliant with EU REACH requirements. 

NUVA COLORS - a rich colour palette for a natural effect 

For the SMP treatment, the correct choice of pigment colour plays a primary role. It must match the client's skin and hair. In the NUVA pigment range, you will find a specially composed set as well as individual colours. The palette consists of a wide selection of shades with which you can achieve any desired effect. NUVA pigments are distinguished by their high predictability during treatment and guarantee a satisfactory result long after healing. 

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