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Give your loved one a shopping Voucher

The "Vouchers" category in our online store is a great option for all tattoo enthusiasts. Our vouchers are unique gift cards that open the door to countless artistic possibilities. With them, you can gift a loved one or yourself with a unique tattoo experience.

You choose the amount of the gift yourself!

Our vouchers give you the flexibility to choose the amount you want to gift. They can be used to purchase high quality tattoo care products such as creams, butters or Vaseline, tattoo creation products such as razors, cartridges or paints, or a wide range of accessories. It's the perfect gift for anyone who loves body art and would like to express their individuality through a unique tattoo or start a career.

Easy, fast by email!

After purchase, your voucher will be delivered electronically to your email address, so you can use it instantly. Each voucher comes with a unique code that can be entered when placing an order in our online store.