Exceptional gifts for PMU professionals - choose Kwadron quality and show the world that you use only the best products.

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PMU pen

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PMU bag

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Kwadron promotional gadgets are extremely valuable promotional tools. Why should you have them in your studio? Discover a few reasons! 

Professionals for professionals 

Kwadron is a renowned brand known for the high quality of its products. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of cartridges, needles, inks, equipment and accessories for tattooing and permanent make-up, it has earned the respect of tattoo artists and Pmu artists worldwide for the high quality and innovation of its products. Using Kwadron products is synonymous with industry professionalism and attention to detail. After years of establishing itself in the industry, today the mere sight of the Kwadron Permanent Makeup logo inspires widespread respect and trust. Bring this trust and professionalism to your salon too by choosing products from our extensive range. 

Exceptional gadgets for PMU professionals - choose Kwadron quality and show the world that you use only the best products 

It's the little things that often make a big difference. We offer a wide selection of PMU goodies to add a unique touch to your permanent make-up salon. Our PMU accessories with logos such as mugs, notebooks or anti-stress pressure hearts and not only look great, but also have a practical use in your daily work. A PMU treatment can be demanding and stressful for more sensitive clients, so it's a good idea to make sure they are comfortable, relaxed and unwinded. Our heart-shaped sponges are not only pleasant to the touch, but will also help you relieve tension and stress. They are also a great way to exercise and relax your work-weary hands and improve circulation through pressure.