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Tattoo printers - inspiration at your fingertips

Tattoo designs are extremely important as they form the basis of any artist's work. Pattern printers allow you to transfer original designs to special tracing paper, which can then be transferred to the client's skin. Thanks to them, tattoo artists have the opportunity to experiment with different designs, discover new inspirations and create unique works of art on the body. The printers available in our range are not only efficient and precise, but also easy to use, so that the pattern preparation process is quick and effective.

Professional lasers for your studio - Laser tattoo removal solutions

While tattoos are permanent, there are times when a client wants to change or remove their previous work. In such cases, tattoo removal lasers become an invaluable tool. They work by removing dye particles with a beam of light, which allows the tattoo to gradually fade and be completely removed. The lasers available in the assortment are technologically advanced and ensure efficiency and safety during the tattoo removal process.

All lasers available in our store are manufactured by reputable manufacturers such as Glovcon, who are known for providing high-quality devices. Thanks to this, we can provide our customers with equipment of the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Advanced features and technologies - Glovcon lasers

Our tattoo removal lasers are equipped with advanced features and technologies to ensure precise and effective tattoo removal. Different operating modes, energy regulation and cooling systems are available to minimize discomfort and the risk of complications.

Training and technical support for each purchased laser for tattoo removal and permanent makeup.

We also offer training and technical support for our customers. This will allow you to get to know the product and acquire the skills to work with it in order to carry out safe treatments. Our team of experts will be happy to share their knowledge and experience so that you can fully use the potential of our tattoo removal lasers.