Small, but great, or accessories without which no tattooist can imagine tattooing

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Accessories necessary during the tattoo procedure - How to make working with tattoo paints easier!

Discover a full range of high-quality accessories that will make working with tattoo inks easier and allow you to achieve the best results and save time. You will find everything you need to increase order at your workstation. Discover the wide range of cups that ensure stability and comfort when mixing paints. To prevent them from accidentally tipping over, use the old trick - use Vaseline to attach them to the top of your table or helper. Our cups have different diameters, so that you can match them to the type of cartridges you work with

Precise color mixing and the freedom to create your own shades

Are you looking for a way to perfectly mix colors? Our paint mixers are perfect for you. Thanks to them, you can precisely mix paints and effortlessly create your own shades. You will also find cartridges for mixers that are easy to replace, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness during operation.

Paint displays - organization and elegant presentation of your color collection

A wide range of paints in your studio is undoubtedly one of the elements of the decor. It definitely affects the imagination of customers and tattoo artists. It's also a great way to find inspiration or inspiration for your next cool color project. To make your paints always available and visible, we took care of paint displays. They allow you to showcase your color collection while making it easier to access when you decide which color to use. Not only will you keep yourself organized, but you will also gain full visibility of your assets, which will speed up and streamline your workflow and future projects.

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TERRY sheet

TERRY sheet

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