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Tattooing is an art that requires not only excellent skills, but high-end tools. Here you will find the most popular tattoo machines. Explore the full range and choose the right model for your needs.  

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It all started with coil tattoo machines  

Their history dates back to the beginnings of the art of tattooing. Despite the passage of years, they are still popular on the market and the fashion for them doesn't seem to be going away. Coil tattoo machines are an absolute classic in the industry. They are perfect for contouring, shading and filling work. Coil machines are popular with professionals especially long term tattooers who want full control of the machine.   

Coil machines are characterised by their solid workmanship, which you will feel when holding them in your hand. They consist of a brass or aluminium frame, but it all depends on the specific model. You can also find custom machines on the market based on carbon fibre and titanium. Coil machines work on the principle of a magnetic field generated by the coils, which allows the needle to be set in motion. Parameters such as depth and speed of needle insertion can be adjusted using special screws. Despite the introduction of new technologies and machines with different types of design on the market. 

Modernity and functionality in an ergonomic design - PEN Tattoo machines  

This is the best choice of both professionals and beginners in tattooing. Thanks to its easy handling and ergonomic shape, the rotary machine in the PEN form is perfect for every stage of advancement. If you are looking for a versatile machine  for every style and technique, the PEN machine is an excellent choice.   

The Pen machines have the advantage of being extremely quiet and vibration-free. This will be appreciated especially during long tattooing sessions. The ergonomic design of the body allows for a secure grip and control of the machine, which is particularly important when doing precise lines and details. Its proper contouring and balance makes it fit perfectly in the hand and prevents hand fatigue. You can choose from practical and timeless versions with a power supply or opt for a cordless tattoo machine, which have hit the market.  

The largest selection of products from the best tattoo machines manufacturers like Equaliser Rotary 

Choose the equipment that will allow you to tattoo with extreme precision. Our online shop offers the largest selection of tattoo machines that have met the needs of the best tattooists in the world. We rely on proven brands that will guarantee you reliability and a high working culture. A wide range of products will allow you to choose the equipment that suits your needs. You will find tattoo machines from companies such as: Equaliser and FK IRONS. 

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