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Power Supplies for tattoo machines. We present a wide selection of power supplies so that every tattoo artist can find the perfect tool for the job. Our wireless power supplies get rid of cumbersome cables, making machines completely wireless. 

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Legendary power supplies for tattoo machines - Nemesis Power Supply  

Discover legendary tattoo machine power supplies that push the boundaries of reliability, power stability and precise voltage regulation. Our Nemesis Power Supply is the absolute leader in this category. Available in a variety of colours, this power supply works perfectly with every type of machine on the market - from coil and rotary machines, to PENs and permanent make-up machines. Check out our unrivalled range now!  

Classic, touch and wireless power supplies for tattoo machines. The best brands in one place  

We have gathered power supplies for you from top brands such as Nemesis, Critical, Cheyenne, Unistar and Inox Prime - all in one place. What's more, tattoo beginners will also find affordable tattoo power supplies that will enable them to enter the world of tattooing without straining their budget. What's more, you'll find wireless power packs in stock, allowing you to dispense with the cable and make your machine cordless. In the category you will also find replacement batteries for FK Irons machines.  

Power supplies for tattoo machines - stable voltage and precise regulation for perfect tattoos.  

Are you looking for tattoo machine power supplies that ensure reliable and precise operation when working with coil and rotary machines? Check out our range, where you'll find the largest selection of power supplies for tattoo machines. We rely on experienced manufacturers so you can achieve maximum precision when creating your unique tattoos. Thanks to the advanced technology of our power supplies, you don't have to worry about unwanted power fluctuations. Focus only on your work and choose the professional tattoo machine power supplies that true professionals rely on. Check out our unparalleled range now! 

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