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Unistar Skin Care tattoo film dressing on a roll - 10 m x 15 cm

For every tattoo artist and tattoo parlor customer. Unistar Skin Care tattoo film dressing is an absolute must have. This unique thin adhesive film has stolen the hearts of tattoo artists who care about proper healing of their client's tattoo. Bet on professional products that will ensure your reputation!   

  • Manufacturer: Unistar
  • Product code: KT109X
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UNISTAR SKIN CARE TATTOO FILM - Your "second skin"  

This is a thin bandage in the form of an adhesive film, which is often referred to as a second skin. It is applied to a fresh tattoo. Tattoo film  forms a thin, protective layer. It is very comfortable to use - it is virtually undetectable. Thanks to its elasticity and stretchability, it can be safely placed anywhere on the body. Its great advantage is that it can be left on the skin for up to several days! 


Tattoo film provides a moist environment during healing and creates a unique film dressing. It is indispensable in that first, most critical stage of tattoo healing - right after the tattoo is applied. It protects the new tattoo from accidental abrasions and provides waterproofing on the outside. It forms an antimicrobial coating that prevents pathogens and external contaminants from getting into the wound. It is permeable and allows oxygen to be brought to the skin. Allows excess moisture to evaporate. It prevents the formation of scabs and significantly reduces the risk of infection. The tattoo dressing protects against external irritants, such as the touch of cloth from clothing.  

How to use Unistar Skin Care tattoo film? 

Carefully wash the fresh tattoo with InkTrox Ice Water foam. Allow it to dry completely for about 10 minutes. After this time you can proceed to apply the previously prepared dressings to the tattoo. First, turn the film over so that the green grid is facing downwards. You will find the paper on top and one incision on it. Peel off the smaller piece of paper from the foil. Then apply it to where you will want the foil to be. It will be easier for you to remove the rest of the paper, and then press the entire sticky film carefully against your body. Spread the foil under your fingers very well until you see that at the point of the orange arrows the foil separates. Pull on the loose pieces at the orange lines and remove the outer layer. This way only the actual part of the bandage remains, which protects the fresh tattoo properly. Remember to keep a few centimetres of space between you and the tattoo when applying the film, so that the film has plenty of contact with the non-tattooed skin. Do all this with gloves on to maintain all sterility conditions. 

Available as a convenient 10 x 15 cm roll.  

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