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Discover a range of extraordinary pigments that will give you a long-lasting and beautiful permanent make-up effect. 

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NUVA pigments

Discover a range of extraordinary pigments that will give you a long-lasting and beautiful permanent make-up effect. NUVA pigments are a combination of the latest technology and high quality ingredients. Manufactured in California, USA, now thanks to Kwadron they are also available on our Polish market.   

Highest quality and safety for perfect permanent make-up 

When performing permanent make-up, one of the most important factors in ensuring the success of the treatment is to ensure the safety of your clients. That is why it is worth paying attention to the quality of the pigments that will be used during the treatment. High-quality pigments not only guarantee a beautiful and long-lasting effect, but also minimise the risk of allergies, infections or adverse skin reactions. PMU Nuva Colors pigments are made from the highest quality ingredients. They contain no heavy metals or harmful toxins and are compliant with the European Union REACH 2023 regulation. Each Nuva Colors pigment is produced according to the highest production standards, ensuring their durability and excellent covering properties.  

Sustained and intense effects 

Imagine perfect permanent make-up that lasts for many years and looks stunning despite the passage of time. Such an effect is possible with NUVA pigments. One of the biggest advantages of using Nuva Colors permanent make-up pigments is their durability after healing. Nuva pigments are formulated to look beautiful for a long time. Whether you are aiming for a subtle enhancement of your client's natural beauty or a bold transformation, with Nuva pigments you can always enjoy a great result.  

Wide range of shades and versatile use 

Our range consists of more than 80 colours! You can choose from a wide range of Nuva Colors shades to achieve any desired effect. The pigments are designed to blend perfectly with your natural skin tone for a look that delights. Whether you prefer natural, soft colours or want to achieve strong and intense colours, the Nuva collection has everything you need. Nuva pigments are versatile, making them a great choice for both experienced experts and novice liner artists. You can mix them to achieve customised shades, giving you even more opportunities to create unique and beautiful effects for your work. 

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