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InkJecta Rotary

Hi-end Inkjecta Flite rotary tattoo machines. Made and designed with the utmost care and attention to visual and technical aspects.   

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The lightest tattoo machine  

All machines from Inkjecta Flite are very lightweight designs. They are made from aluminium or, as in the Inkjecta Flite Nano Ultra Lite - Complete Carbon, from carbon fibre.  This has made it the Inkjecta that holds the record for the lowest weight of a complete tattoo machine - only 45 grams. Like the other Inkjecta Flite Nano models, the Ultra Lite version also features a specially developed nano motor with no start-up delay. The machine also has an RCA connector. In addition, the machines are comfortable to use and ergonomically designed for comfort during long tattoo sessions. If you are a professional tattoo artist looking for a high-quality tattoo machine, the InkJecta Rotary is the perfect choice for you. 

Precise and Efficient Rotary Tattoo Machines  

InkJecta Rotary offers superior tattoo machines that deliver precision and performance for every project. InkJecta machines have been designed for professional tattoo artists who are looking for a tool with high quality performance. Thanks to their advanced technology and innovative design, they are extremely precise, allowing you to create incredibly accurate and detailed tattoos. Whether you're working on small details or larger projects, the InkJecta Rotary provides reliability and excellent results.  

Innovative Technology for Professional Tattoo Artists  

Innovative technology is a key component of InkJecta tattoo machines. Using advanced technology, InkJecta Rotary enables tattoo artists to express their creativity and create unique works of art on the skin. Designed with professionals in mind, they offer a variety of speed and force settings, allowing you to customise the parameters to suit your individual preferences and style as an artist. Whether you prefer precise lines, smooth shading or colourful fills, the InkJecta Rotary provides reliability and superior control. With pushes of varying hardness available, they allow you to adjust the force with which the needle on the Inkjecta Nano Flite penetrates the skin. 

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