Kwadron - born out of passion for tattooing

Kwadron is the largest manufacturer and supplier of tattoo and permanent makeup products in Europe.

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The leader for years

We supply the highest quality products for professionals in tattoo world. Kwadron includes such world-renowned brands as Kwadron Cartridge System, Optima, Equaliser, Nemesis, Inktrox, Inox Prime, Glovcon.

Excellent quality tattoo needles - Kwadron Cartridge System. Our company has earned a reputation for excellent quality tattoo needles. Our cartridges are designed and manufactured with the highest care to meet the expectations of even the most demanding tattoo artists. We use state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions to ensure reliability, precision and comfort when creating art on the skin.


Kwadron is not only a manufacturer of tattoo needles, but also a wide range of equipment and accessories necessary in the world of tattooing and permanent makeup.

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More than 4,500 different products

These include machines, power supplies, tubes, pigments, tips, holders, furniture and many other products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our advantage is the large availability of needle sizes and other products. What sets our products apart is design and high quality.

Thanks to our commitment to excellence and constant innovation, Kwadron has earned a leadership position in the market. We work with the best tattoo artists and permanent makeup specialists around the world, providing them with tools that help them achieve amazing results. Kwadron is also a representative of many global brands like Cheyenne, FK Irons, Bishop, Eternal.

Global availability and developed distribution network

Our reach is global, and our products are available in many countries. We are constantly expanding our distribution network to better serve our customers around the world. Our mission is not only to provide the highest quality products, but also to build long-term relationships and support artists in their creative journeys.

High customer service and fast delivery - Kwadron's priorities. We focus on a high level of customer service and constant contact. We have dedicated service for our equipment. And our logistics center ensures fast shipping.

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Join Kwadron and discover why we are the market leader

Together we are making history in the world of tattooing and permanent makeup, providing innovative tools that inspire artists and allow them to achieve excellence in their art.