Meet Touch Me Up Scar Camouflage Pigments, a revolutionary set of pigments to help conceal your clients' scars and skin discolouration.

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The pigments included in the kit have been selected for all skin types according to the Fitzpatrick scale.  

Guarantee of success with Nuva Colors Scar 

Pigment applied to the skin at the site of scars or vitiligo spots will help to even out the difference in colour between the scar and the skin tone. As a result, the scar becomes less visible and the appearance of the skin is dramatically improved. Pigmentation of scars is a fast, reliable and proven method to mask them. 

Nuva Colors Scar pigments - medical pigmentation of scars 

The pigments included in the dedicated kit will help you mask your client's skin imperfections and scars. With medical pigmentation, you will help your clients regain their beautiful appearance and self-confidence.  The final result after healing looks natural and blends perfectly with the surrounding skin. Don't wait, order Touch Me Up Scar Camouflage Pigments today and make your clients' lives more comfortable. 

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Eco Tray 10 pcs

Eco Trays 10pcs.

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