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Round Shader Cartridge Applications 

The term "Round Shader" refers to the shape and arrangement of needles in the cartridge. Thanks to the soldering of surgical steel needles, working with our cartridges guarantees excellent results. This makes it easy to achieve the desired depth, shading, tonal transitions. 

One of the key elements of Round Shader cartridges is their housing made of medical-grade plastic. This material ensures their reliability, as well as cleanliness and safety for the client's skin. Because the cartridge walls don't wear out, tattoos heal much faster. All Kwadron cartridges feature the most advanced rubber membrane, protecting the machine interior from ink splatter. 

Achieve more with Kwadron cartridges! 

Shaders are most commonly used for filling in and shading smaller areas. They can also be used to create more blurred lines. Thanks to the proper spaces between the needles, they ensure excellent ink flow necessary for creating tonal transitions. Kwadron Round Shader ensures perfect ink injection into the skin. 

Round Shader cartridges, also known as RS Cartridges, are indispensable for professionals seeking the highest quality products to create unforgettable skin art. They are ideal for creating shades and depths and filling in tattoo areas, ensuring excellent and repeatable results with every use. 

Benefits of Round Shader Cartridges 

Tattooing with these cartridges is pure pleasure and satisfaction with every pass on the skin, as well as saving time, which is always in short supply. Professional Round Shader needles for tattoos, thanks to their special construction refined over the years, are highly effective for shading and creating perfect tonal transitions. They are an indispensable tool for you if you want to achieve perfect results in your work with Kwadron. 

It's important to use high-quality cartridges like Kwadron Round Shaders to provide clients with the best experience and effects for years to come. That's why we recommend this product to professionals - like you! 

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