Our range of tattoo machine accessories is designed for professionals who want to achieve perfect results with their work. We offer a wide selection of high quality accessories to help you elevate your tattoo studio and take proper care of your equipment.

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Rubber band

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Keep your machine in the best possible condition! Essential accessories for adjustment  

Do you want to keep your tattoo machine in impeccable condition? Or do you want to adjust it precisely? Check out the accessories for tattoo machines. Here you will find special allen spanner sets of various sizes for the precise adjustment of your tattoo machine. Our range could not be complete without tattoo machine lubricants, designed to keep your tattoo machine working perfectly for hours on end. With regular use, your machine will perform at the highest level, giving you reliability and a long life. 

Order during tattooing - machine always in its place  

The machine is one of the most important working tools of every tattooist, so it is worth ensuring that it is always at hand, positioned on a stand. This avoids unwanted movement on the workbench and thus possible falls and damage. Our tattoo machine accessories will keep your workstation tidy and organised, ensuring your tattoo session runs smoothly.  

Tattoo machine convenience - how to improve your comfort level  

Any artist will agree that long sessions can be killer for hands, fingers and wrists. That's why in our range of tattoo machine accessories you'll find grip pads for tattoo machines in the form of foam pads of various diameters with a shape memory effect. In addition, we offer tapes for wrapping machine grips, disposable and reusable tubes. These accessories absorb vibrations and allow you to adjust the diameter of the grip to your preference.  

Safe transportation and storage of your tattoo machine  

If you travel frequently with your tattoo machine, the right case is indispensable. Robust and practical, it will ensure that it is protected from any mechanical impacts, crushing or even accidental switching on. The cases available in our range have a foam interior to absorb any shocks and are suitable for machine surfaces so that they are not scratched or abraded. 

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TERRY sheet

TERRY sheet

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