If you are betting on reusable tubes that can be sterilised or autoclaved after each tattoo, we have prepared a number of interesting suggestions from top manufacturers for you.  

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Nylon Grip

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Reusable tattoo tubes 

We are pleased to present our collection of high-quality reusable tattoo tubes and beaks, which are sure to meet the expectations of even the most demanding tattooers. Our range includes a variety of sizes and shapes, specifically tailored to suit different tattooing techniques and styles, to give you maximum flexibility and convenience with your tattoo machine.  

Autoclave sterilisation tubes  

The reusable tubes and tips we offer have been carefully crafted from durable, high-quality materials to ensure not only long-lasting use, but also precision during tattooing. Safety and hygiene are our top priority, so our products are easy to clean and disinfect and comply with the highest hygiene standards. You can rest assured that each of our products has been thoroughly tested and meets the highest industry requirements. 

Tattoo tubes and tips for sterilisation  

Our reusable tubes and tips are not only easy to clean, but are also compatible with various sterilisation methods, providing you with an extra guarantee of safety. They are durable and wipe-proof, so they will accompany you for many tattoo sessions, maintaining their excellent functionality.   

Explore our full range of reusable tattoo tubes and tattoo tips, suitable for any professional tattooist. You will find quality products that meet your expectations in terms of quality, comfort and safety. Explore our collection and choose the ones that best suit your tattooing style and techniques and, above all, your tattoo machine and hand.