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Looking for a complete set that includes everything you need for permanent makeup? Opt for the convenient PMU sets available at Kwadron. 

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In addition to the permanent make-up machine, you'll find a cable, power supply and the Kwadron Optima Cartridges. Order and start working as soon as you open the box!  

Permanent make-up kits - machines and accessories in one place 

PMU kits are a good choice for beginners who are looking for a starter kit for permanent make-up. This solution eliminates the need to complete the individual components necessary for professional pigmentation. This means you don't have to worry about matching the machine with power supplies, cables and cartridges. PMU kits have been prepared with attention to detail and contain fully compatible components. With PMU sets, you can concentrate fully on developing your skills.   

Discover the art of permanent make-up with PMU kits 

A reliable permanent make-up machine is the foundation of a successful treatment. That's why you'll find high-quality machines in our PMU kits, which have been developed for maximum precision and comfort. All of them feature ergonomic shapes and lie perfectly in your hand. They provide comfort even during long sessions. We have opted for tried-and-tested models that are perfect for beginner Pmu artists. 

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Hand Poke Tool

Hand Poke Tool

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