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Critical Torque 5.0 mm

Discover the power of the Critical Torque Pen 5.0 mm - a tattoo machine equipped with Precision Strike technology, vibration damping and a German brushless motor. Gain control and comfort thanks to innovative solutions and trust the opinions of artists.

1,290.26 €
(incl. 241.27 € tax)
1,290.26 €
(incl. 241.27 € tax)
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The modern tattooing experience with Critical Torque

Get swept away by real power with Critical Torque! This innovative tattoo machine uses advanced Precision Strike technology that guarantees a smooth, fast and effective tattooing experience. The vibration dampening solution used makes your movements precise and the end result impressive. Discover the reasons why you should choose Critical Torque:

Power and performance

Critical Torque is equipped with a super powerful German brushless motor that delivers exceptional power and torque. Whatever your tattooing style, this machine will give you reliability and consistency in needle strokes. Feel confident and in control of your work with Critical Torque.

Modern Critical V3 battery

Discover the new Critical V3, which makes tattooing even more convenient and functional. The large 1.5-inch color display is packed with features, including a timer to keep track of the duration of your tattoo. Critical V3 is not only a powerful battery, but also a smart tool that enhances your artistic capabilities.

Innovative technical solutions

Critical Torque is distinguished by an innovative stabilization system that ensures consistent and precise needle strokes. Thanks to the precision impact technology, your works will acquire exceptional quality. In addition, the vibration dampening solution minimizes discomfort while tattooing, providing you with maximum comfort.


Critical Torque machine

Critical Connect V3 Battery

34 mm handle

USB-C charging cable 60 cm long

Card with QR code for instruction manual

Maximum battery life is 7 h

5.0 mm
Machine type
136 g
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