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Kwadron PMU Organic Soy Massage Candle: Marzipan and White Chocolate

Indulge in the enticing scent of marzipan and white chocolate with the Kwadron PMU Organic Soy Massage Candle. Designed to meet the needs of modern permanent makeup studios, this candle is dedicated to nurturing optimal harmony between work and relaxation. Its original and refined scent notes, combined with the beneficial properties of noble soy wax, create a unique ambiance and allow for moments of relaxation after a taxing pigmenting session or a busy day. 

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24.75 €
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24.75 €
(incl. 4.63 € tax)
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A permanent makeup salon that cares about its clients' experience. 

Elevate your studio with professionalism and luxury. Make it a place clients love to return to and offer them the Kwadron PMU Massage Candle, providing unforgettable moments of relaxation after a demanding pigmenting session. 

A unique gift for unique individuals. 

If you're searching for an extraordinary gift for your loyal clients, treat them to our Kwadron PMU Massage Candle. It will be an unforgettable gesture that makes them feel even more special in your care! 

Kwadron PMU Massage Candle: the perfect end to your busy day! 

Why not gift yourself a few blissful moments of relaxation after a long day of work? This exceptional massage candle has been selected by Kwadron PMU to provide you with a unique relaxation experience accompanied by refined scents of marzipan and white chocolate. Enjoy the magic of golden drops and let them replenish your energy before another busy day. 

Kwadron PMU Massage Candle: the benevolent magic of golden drops. 

Our candle is crafted by experienced manufacturers of organic soy candles, seamlessly combining ecology with aesthetics. Surrender to the power of beneficial ingredients infused in organic soy wax. Natural essential oils are complemented by rich in fatty acids and vitamins shea butter, as well as rejuvenating coconut oil. 

Massage Candle - How to use: 

Light the candle and wait approximately 5-20 minutes until the wax becomes liquid. Then extinguish the candle, wait again, and pour the oil onto your hand. Massage the warm wax directly into the skin.  

Technical specifications 

Scent: marzipan and white chocolate 

Color: ivory 

Melting time: approximately 5-10 minutes 

Number of wicks: 1 

Ingredients: hydrogenated vegetable oil, cocos nucifera oil, butyrospermum parkii butter, argania spinosa kernel oil, santalum album, perfums. 

Manufacturer: OLYNK 

Package dimensions: 100 × 90 × 85 mm 

Burning environment temperature: 15-26°C 

Storage temperature: 15-30°C 

Packaging: eco-friendly cardboard 

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