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Unistar Thermal Copier Hectograph Paper 20 pcs

Unistar Thermal Copier Hectograph Paper for reflecting your design for use with thermal printers. Perfect for creating highly accurate and precise prints that come out great on the client's skin capturing every detail and allowing the tattoo artist to work comfortably on their design.  

  • Manufacturer: Unistar
  • Product code: AK256-20
  • Status: Available
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13.73 €
(incl. 2.57 € tax)
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Compatible with most thermal printers on the market. Thanks to the use of a suitable high-quality transfer layer, the tracing paper is very sensitive to pressure, which guarantees the accuracy of the reflection on the skin of even the most detailed designs. The high quality dye, once reflected, stays on the skin for a long time and is resistant to abrasion making it easy to work on the tattoo even during long sessions.  

Pack of 20. 

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