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NOX PRIME RUNIC VENATO is a wireless tattoo machine designed for professionals seeking excellent quality and performance. It is created with precision and user comfort in mind to ensure the best results during tattooing. 

  • Manufacturer: Inox Prime
  • Product code: KWMV02
  • Status: Available
297.50 €
(incl. 55.63 € tax)
297.50 €
(incl. 55.63 € tax)
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INOX PRIME RUNIC VENATO is equipped with a needle stroke of 3.5 mm. It excels in shading and creating smooth gradients. The RUNIC VENATO machine is designed to meet the requirements of the world's best tattoo artists. Therefore, we have equipped it with an ergonomic grip with a diameter of 32 mm, which provides a secure and comfortable grip. But that's not all - INOX PRIME RUNIC VENATO can work for up to 7 hours on a single charge. These two features allow for long sessions, reducing grip and hand fatigue. 

INOX PRIME RUNIC VENATO is not just a tattoo machine. It is a partner that supports your creativity and allows you to achieve the highest standards in the art of tattooing. Choose this indispensable tool for every professional. 

Technical data: 

Weight: 197 g 

Stroke: 3.5 mm 

Grip: 32 mm 

Machine length: 142 mm 

Working time: 6-7 h 

Operating range: 4.5 - 11 V 

3.5 mm
Operating range
Working time
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