Self-adhesive protective film /10x15cm - 1000pcs/

Perfect workplace preparation with protective self-adhesive film. Perfect for use in areas that are difficult to protect with traditional film. Effectively protects the surface and prevents contamination.

  • Manufacturer: Unistar
  • Product code: AK360DP
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14.75 €
(incl. 2.76 € tax)
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High-quality protective self-adhesive film is a guarantee of perfect preparation of the workplace. Thanks to the use of low-adhesion adhesive, it does not leave traces. It is an excellent tool for protecting smooth surfaces, as well as places that are difficult to access with traditional films. 

Ideal adhesion and ease of use makes it, the protective film is ideal for touching power supplies, PEN machines or protecting cable ends, washers and many other items. The impermeable structure makes it ideal for protecting the workstation from moisture and potential damage from contaminants.

The self-adhesive protective film uses an innovative adhesive that allows easy removal. It leaves no unnecessary residue and is gentle on the protected surface. Save time on cleaning and keep the surface in impeccable condition after removing the film. 

1 box = 1000pcs 10x15cm - roll with perforation.

Choice of color: blue or pink

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